Dr. Eggman (fav_evil_genius) wrote in sonicx_roleplay,
Dr. Eggman

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Need an Evil - I mean, FRIENDLY - Genius?

*microphone screeches*
*cough* test, 1, 2, 3, test? good...
*clearing throat*

Dear Idiot Hedgehog Groupies -
I, Ivo Robotnik, would enjoy becoming your master - er... Your... friend.... Yes, that sounds fine... If you would simply cast aside your Blue Hedgehog wonder for several moments and allow me to demonstrate my kinder, softer, side, I am sure I will quickly replace that monster in your hearts. *cough* and if I don't, then it won't matter once my brainwashers get to you... *cough*
This is all that I have come to this horrible building to suggest, if you need me, you can find me at my own quaint little home down the street. I shall be awaiting your eager knocks telling me that I have been accepted.
Also, the stench from my shoe has reminded me that there is a dog loose in the neighborhood who does not chose to use bathrooms, but rather sidewalks. Please find and eliminat - er... congratulate the culprit - I mean, fellow, who is so... free... in their life styles.
Thank you for you time.
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