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[all OOC, so you know...]

Right, Anna/kawaii_hedgie asked me to post this. because I think she's too lazy to do it herself... :P This community seems quite... dead, at the moment. Our current RP isn't really going anywhere... the main problem I see with it is that we don't have an Eggman yet.

So, we were thinking of just abandoning the current one... it's not really any use until we get the characters we need, in my opinion.

But anyway... if the members want, we could have another RP... one that's more like the less-serious episodes of the show (I can think of a few off the top of my head, which didn't involve Eggman in them). So if anyone has an idea for one they'd like to contribute, go right ahead! I wouldn't wanna see this community die off... that's happened with most Sonic roleplays I've been involved with. :\

-- Sonic
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